Inter & Inter Mono, two bespoke typefaces for the book Inter, a collection of interviews about creative concepts, chickens, grocery-products & creativity that appears when taking a dump. [text size=“14px“] E-mail for download.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the most beatiful game console out there – Tech Crunch Microsoft Remedies Past Mistakes In New Xbox One S – Co.DESIGN Xbox One S bring important Upgrades to Microsoft’s Console – TIME How Microsoft redesigned the slimline Xbox...


Hikeshi is a high quality clothing line that belongs to the Japanese brand Resquad. The general concept was inspired on the fire fighters of the XVII century, during the “Edo” Period (now Tokyo). They were considered as high ranked as samurais. We designed a series of...

Al Salama

Al Salama, a fire safety training company operating in Dubai. The brand concept is based on information cells, often found on technical drawings. Al Salama will communicate in several languages, therefore it was important to design a system, rather than one crucial...

Bloc Brands

Bloc Brands is a publisher focused on design activity from communist era, covering all countries which were under Soviet Union jurisdiction. Noeeko created a comprehensive brand identity system, responsive website and direct-to-consumer packaging.